How to set up a refill code on the DM300C, DM400C, DM450C and DM475

Products affected: DM300C™, DM400C™, DM450C™, DM475™
A refill code requires a pass code to be entered in order to refill the meter.

Note: In order to set up a refill code, a supervisor password must first be set up. For instructions, see How to enable, disable, or change the supervisor password on the DM300C, DM400C, and more .

To set up a refill code:
  1. Press Refill Postage.
  2. Select Refill Code.
  3. Enter the supervisor password and press Enter.
  4. Enter the desired refill code.
  5. Select Accept or press Enter.
  6. Press Home to return to the Home screen.

UPDATED: February 19, 2021