PIEM - How to configure DEST field via watch_dt submission




Is there a way to have the files sent using the DEST parameter from the FSESC_config files instead of the WatchDT_config file?


There is a WATCHDT_Config parameter defined as follows

# PARMPREF - FSESCCL submission parameter preference selection.
# When set to "Config", watch_dt_c compatibility mode is
# enabled where the -jobname and -dest parameters are suppressed.
# In this case, an FSESC_Config file must supply the jobname and
# dest parameters. If set to "Standard", then the -jobname and
# -dest parameters will be issued to FSESCCL on the command line.
# Valid values:
# Note: This parameter is OPTIONAL.
# Note: Default value is STANDARD.

If ParmPref=Config is set, the dest parameter and the jobname parameter will be suppressed by watch_dt. This would then allow the jobname and dest parameters in the FSESC_Config to be used.

This parameter should let you configure both jobname and dest from the FSESC_config file.

If parm_pref = config is set, then then job name is not set in watch_dt unless you are you are using some override (i.e. jobname parameters parsing). In your case, the jobname should be set by the FSESCCL.config file. Look at the jobname parameter in that file. If it is being set there, that is under the control of the application that is generating the fsesccl.config file 

The current options only allow for the suppression of both the jobname and the dest. 

Depending on the filename, you could have watch_dt add the jobname back using the filename as the jobname (minus the filetype) with the filename parsing. 

For example, if you have two type of jobs (meta and ps) adding 


would use the filename (not including the path and filetype) as the jobname for meta and postscritp jobs. 

See the WATCHDT_Config file for more complex examples 


UPDATED: March 24, 2017

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