Resolve an install loop on the DM100i, DM125, DM200L and DM225

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Products affected: DM100®i, DM125™, DM200L™, DM225™


The meter is still prompting to complete the installation and may display the message Meter Not Authorized, Authorize.


The initial installation was not completed.

Note: When setting up a meter for the first time, you need to complete the initial installation by adding postage to the meter while it is in installation mode. If this is not done, the meter will continue to prompt you to complete the installation.


Follow the prompts to complete the installation. For assistance installing the meter, see How to install the DM100i, DM125, and more .

If you need to change the meter's communication settings during the installation, you can temporally exit installation mode using the following steps:
  1. Press Clear two times. The display should read Quit Install Mode?
  2. Press Yes.
  3. Depending upon the progress of the installation, one of the following will display:
  • If the meter displays the home page with the date, the meter can be used, but installation mode may return later if the meter is rebooted. If installation mode returns, follow the prompts to complete installation mode.
  • If the meter displays Meter Not Authorized, Authorize, the meter is not yet set up and installation mode needs to be completed. You can can change the connection settings now if necessary.
    1. Press Options.
    2. Press Page Down twice.
    3. Select Connect - Data Center.
    4. Once you have updated the connection settings, reboot the meter to return to installation mode. Follow these steps to restart safely:
      1. Unplug the power cord.
      2. Wait one minute.
      3. Plug the power cord back in, ensuring that it is plugged directly into a wall outlet.
    5. The meter will reboot and return to installation mode. Follow the prompts to complete installation mode.
If you require additional assistance, contact technical support. Please have your model and serial number ready.

UPDATED: February 23, 2021