Information Missing in the PIOM Viewer



The last character of some elements is removed In the PIOM Viewer’s Options | Page Details | Information Records section; the data displayed is incorrect. For instance, on one side in the Viewer’s Options | Page Details | Information Records section, “~Invoice number²00000015” is displayed, however when a message is sent to the console the entry out using OE, displayed as : “%Invoice number=000000158”.


A bug in the java marshaling code, VpaJava.dll v55.6 24-Oct-16 MGR-2942 Fix SCP
Javavpa.c - instead of marshalling the bytes into strings when calling vpaTypeAnnotation
call vpaTypeAnnotationBytes and pass the bytes explicitly. Calling new String passing the
bytes seems to eliminate the problem parsing the UTF string using JNI.
Requires gui1.jar v586.3 or later to see the results.

gui1.jar v586.3 24-October-16 MGR-2942 Fix SCP - add new function to the JNI VpaTypeAnnotationBytes to accept bytes
instead of strings that were incorrectly marshalled byt the dll JNI. - implement VpaTypeAnnotationBytes.
Requires VPAJava.dll v 55.6 for the new function to be called.


It has been corrected on Maintenance Build 3.0.1

UPDATED: March 24, 2017

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