PDF-IN data unsupported fonts error in PI Output Manager



The following errors are received when a  set of PDFs are merged

"I071023 PDF-IN Data is in VIP BlockSpool format
E072026 PDF-IN DLL error 101 in GetFontDetails at 4099 in IWRUN.c:
E072201 PDF-IN PDF Interpreter reports 'RIP_FATAL' error
W072037 PDF-IN Font details not available for font "ArialMT"; the default font will be used.
E072300 PDF-IN PDF Interpreter error: Unsupported feature
W071076 PDF-IN BlockSpool mailpiece 1 (20170131_101905_20170131081522B0PAP0e5934167-789e-49e5-8235-b1426f133dd7.pdf) failed.
I000000 PDF-IN Data Error: Unsupported feature in command "Tj"
I000000 Options = [Abort|Resubmit]
W029270 VIPEXEC Abort message: "PDF-IN - Data Error: Unsupported feature in command "Tj"" for job 307 sent to ADMINISTRATOR by PDF-IN
I071058 PDF-IN Processed: sides 6 pages 6
I000000 administrator Job 307 completed abnormally "


An 'unsupported' cmap format, which is not in Microsoft's Truetype spec but in Apple's.

Psinterp supports the following:


which covers all the formats in Microsoft's spec. However, the font is using format 12:

Subtable 1. Platform ID: 3
Specific ID: 1
'cmap' Offset: 0x00000014
->Format: 12 : Segmented coverage (32 bit)

According to https://developer.apple.com/fonts/TrueType-Reference-Manual/RM06/Chap6cmap.html, Apples's cmap formats can have 8,10,12,13 and 14, on top of the 0,2,4 and 6 that are in Microsoft's.


A code change has been added to Psinterp to handle the format 12 of CMap, according to the Apple Truetype spec.

The change is in PVCS as Psinterp 1.1593
font3.c: added support of cmap format 12 for truetype font, which is part of Apple truetype spec but not Microsoft's.

 The following builds have corrected the problem:
- 2.4, 2.5, 3.0 (x32 and x64) from 2017/02/10
- daily build (x32 and x64) from 2017/02/10
- 2.5.11 (x32 and x64)

UPDATED: April 14, 2017

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