Resolve issue where there is No Header Page Generated On PCL Output PI Output Manager



When input job is sent to PCL output client, the header page is not created.


VDD2PCL by default always splits the output on offsets (used for jogging). PCL out is different from other output clients  such as PDF and AFP output, where the output is not split on offset

The same behavior would get with PS-OUT with OUTPUT_SPLIT_ON = OFFSET if OUTPUTTYPE = FILE. This will start splitting on offsets. with PS-OUT the default is not to split on OFFSET or OTEXT(operator text). 

The problem is that while the job is splitting, the last file overwrites the first one (names are the same). This seems to be a problem only when OUTPUT_FILE_NAME is used, and VDE is putting this into the job modifier.

So, to resolve the given problem we will have to use PCLOUT_OUTPUT_SPLIT_ON = NO in the job profile.



Adding the following option to the profile corrects the problem, since this stop PCL-OUT to split on offsets.

This command specifies whether to split output on OTEXT messages and/or Offsets. It primarily used for emulating Xerox printer behavior on directly connected printers and overrides OUTPUT_SPLIT_ON.

NO.  No splitting at all.

UPDATED: August 04, 2017

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