How to resolve System Error message upon login

Product Affected:DFWorks™

Product Feature: Database Views

Operating System: Windows server 2008

Database: oracle 11.2.0 

Configuration: DFworks 3.0.077


DFworks is crashing and give System Error messages upon login


 This error will pop-up if there is a disconnection between the WEB/APP & the DB
It will also be visible when the Customer is using a Non IE browser.


1) Check disk E & G (make sure not full to capacity)
2) Try logging into the DFWorks Database using SQL tools or SQLPLUS. - This confirm will the DB is online
3) Check DFWorks Services are running
4) Check DFWorks network segment
 if everything is correct,
check the logs for oracle error (ora-XXXXX), that will be sent to Engineering or DBA for further analysis


UPDATED: November 03, 2017

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