PDF does not submit through Auto Submission in Officemail

Product Feature: Auto Submission
Operating System: Windows (all)
Database: MS SQL


End user has a problem to submit PDF file in OfficeMail through the Auto Submission tool (Error Undefined) or the Print Driver (PrintDlg.exe stops at startup).


Engineering has analysed the document and found what is causing the submission issue:
  1. The ArialMT font is using CID encoding
  2. When the CID font is removed (cannot be replaced as the CID encoding is not compatible with UniCode) the file opens in the print driver correctly but cannot be submitted as the address is not present.
It is not recommended to use this type of font for OfficeMail and this is stated in documentation.


Addresses should be created using ANSI or UniCode coding so that the address can be stored correctly into the database.

UPDATED: December 27, 2018

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