"We can't process your request" when signing up for a UPS Rate Account in SendPro Online

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Products affected: SendPro® Online


When signing up for UPS Rate Account in SendPro Online, the message "We can't process your request. wait a moment and try again. If the issue persists, contact SendPro Support" appears.


  • You may have used a P.O. Box address.
  • You may have abbreviated the city name.
  • You may have exceeded the character limits in the fields on the sign-up form.


  1. Do not use a P.O. Box address when signing up.
  2. Avoid abbreviated city names. For example, use "Mount Pleasant" instead of "Mt. Pleasant", or "Saint Louis" instead of "St. Louis".
  3. Do not exceed 30 characters (including spaces) in each field on the sign-up form.
  4. Enter Unit/Apt/Suite numbers on the second address line.
  5. Omit any periods or commas in any address, city, or state field.

UPDATED: March 31, 2021