Configuring QR code for a Rich Text File (RTF) Output in EngageOne Designer

Product Feature: Printing/General Output
A Rich Text File (RTF) editor or viewer can have limitation in displaying a QR Code. Most editor (except Microsoft Word) ignores the margin that boxed the QR code, hence placed the fonts of QR code like letters are in a sentence, or margins are too narrow to display the QR code in a matrix as this sample:
User-added image
To get the correct display of QR code in RTF viewer, place the QR code in a table cell at publication level in the EngageOne Designer, that has the exact width would keep QR code together looking like it is a square.


Subject: QR code not correctly displayed in RTF Output

Initial Details: Dear All, I need Your support due to the QR code generated in DOC1. We are trying to achieve the nice QR code in .rtf file. The thing is that in .pdf file the QR code looks good but in .rtf file not. Please see the attachments. Is there anything that we can do about this difference between the QR code in pdf and in rtf? Thank You! Best Regards, Damian Baran ________________________________

UPDATED: November 13, 2019

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