Connection errors on the SendPro 300

Learn how to resolve connection errors on the SendPro 300.
Products affected: SendPro® 300


The meter displays one of the following error codes or system messages, and will not connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center:
  • Errors: 1813, 94, 200D, DE00, DE01, DE03, DE04, DE05, DE06, DE07, DE08, DE09, DE0A, DE0B, DE0C, DE0D, DE0E, DE0F, DE10, DE11, DE12, DE13, DE14, DE15, DE16, DE17, DE18, DE19, DE1A, DE1B, DE1C, DE1C, DE1D, DE1E, DE1F, DE20, DE21, DE22, DE23, DE24, DE25, DE26, DE27, DE28, DE2E, EDE13, DE2E, ED00,10053, 10054
  • Messages: Data Center Busy, Link Negotiation Failed, Connection Dropped, Cannot Reach Data Center, Connection Lost, IntelliLink dropped, Data Center Timeout, Server Time out


The meter is not connecting to the Pitney Bowes Data Center.


You may be able to clear the error by restarting your mailing system and checking the connections:
  1. Remove the small power cord.
  2. Turn the power off using the power switch on the back.
  3. Wait for the screen to turn off.
  4. Plug the small power cord back in.
  5. Check that the network cable is securely plugged into the blue internet port and the other end of the network cable is connected to an active network jack.
  6. Check all USB cables are connected correctly and securely.
  7. Turn the power switch back on. Wait at least one minute.
  8. Check the connection LEDs (lights) on the left side of the machine. It may take a minute for the lights to come up correctly.
    • The top light should be blinking green.
    • The bottom light should be solid green.
If the LEDs do not light up, the small power cord is not securely plugged into the back of the machine or to an active power source.
  1. Verify that your network allows traffic from all addresses listed in the SendPro® 300 Installation Requirements and Connectivity Setup Guide
If you need further assistance, please contact us.

UPDATED: May 04, 2023