DFWorks Custom Reports Report Configuration screen is missing Report Category Enrollments

Product Feature: Custom Reports

Operating System: Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

Database: Oracle 9i/Oralce 11g

Configuration: All


In DFWorks Custom Reports Report Configuration screen all of the Report Category Enrollments are missing. In the Report View list the Report Categories are listed. If trying to re-enroll a Report Category it fails because the category already exists.



This is caused by multiple issues. 

The first issue is that the database only allows a category tree of 60 characters, but the DF Works application allows the user to exceed that number. When we display the category tree on the Report Configuration page's Report Category Enrollment tab, we concatenate the categories together into a single string with a space, >, space delimiter such as "Cat1 > Cat2". The one way to prevent this is to warn the user when they are enrolling a new Report Category if they attempt to exceed the string limit and prevent the enrollment of the new category until the name is under the limit. Another way is to limit the user entered category name to 27 characters so that with the " > " delimiter the string will not exceed 60 total characters.

The second issue is that the Report Category Enrollment page allows the user to create multiple subcategories, ie Cat1 > Cat2 > Cat3. The system only allows for a single subcategory under the main category, ie Cat1 > Cat2. The Report Enrollment page already does not allow a report to be assigned to a category being the single subcategory. If the user is creating multiple subcategories, they can easily exceeded the 60 character total limit. 

Once the 60 character limit has been exceeded by one enrollment, it prevents all other enrollments from being viewed.



The best way to prevent this from happening is to adhere to the practice of using one category and only one sub-category. Since the system will not warn you that you are creating sub-sub-categories, the user needs to be aware of the category tree.

If an enrollment has exceeded  the 60 character limit, DFWorks engineering needs to connect to the database and shorten the length of the enrollment to allow the view to start working again.

UPDATED: April 13, 2017

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