Once an MRDF is created in DFWorks can it be modified?

Product Feature: Mailrun Management

Operating System: Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

Database: Oracle 9i/Oracle 11g

Configuration: All


An MRDF was enrolled in DFWorks and the output has been printed. Is there a way to fix a field in the MRDF with having to recreate the MRDF and reprint the material?


If the information in the original MRDF is incorrect, and the output has been printed. Instead of creating a new MRDF and reprinting the output to match, the original MRDF can be fixed as long as the data is not in the header of the file. If you need to change a field in the header, then you will have to recreate the MRDF and reprint the job.


As long as you are not changing any fields in the header you can do the following. 

1.     Copy the current MRDF from the input folder. 
2.     Edit this file to change the field. 
3.     Go to the Insite and use the Insite Delete Tool to delete the current file set. 
4.     Once that has been deleted out, drop the new MRDF into the Insite Import folder. 
5.     Insite will create a new fileset while keeping the same journalid for DFWorks. 

UPDATED: April 05, 2017

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