Resolve a pdf-in data error: pdf syntax error in command "" on PI Office Manager



 PIOM job aborts, when a pdf file is submitted, the following error is received:
“W029270 VIPEXEC Abort message: "PDF-IN - Data Error: PDF syntax error in command """ for job 62 sent to ADMINISTRATOR by PDF-IN”


“This turns out to be related to the handling of /W entry in the cross-reference stream entry. The spec has the following to say:

W array (Required)

An array of integers representing the size of the fields in a single
cross-reference entry. "Table 18: Entries in a cross-reference stream"
describes the types of entries and their fields. For PDF 1.5, W always
contains three integers; the value of each integer shall be the number of
bytes (in the decoded stream) of the corresponding field.
EXAMPLE [1 2 1] means that the fields are one byte, two bytes, and one
byte, respectively.
A value of zero for an element in the W array indicates that the
corresponding field shall not be present in the stream, and the default value
shall be used, if there is one. A value of zero shall not be used for the
second element of the array. If the first element is zero, the type field shall
not be present, and shall default to type 1.
The sum of the items shall be the total length of each entry; it can be used
with the Index array to determine the starting position of each subsection.
Different cross-reference streams in a PDF file may use different values for W.

the PDF use: [1 8 2], which means 8 bytes for the object numbers.

The code in Psinterp has:

if ((gbyte < 0) || (gbyte > 4))

It doesn't handle anything more than 4 bytes, hence the error. This is most likely a corrupted PDF file”



A code change was to needed to address the issue, which is to allow more than 4 bytes to be used for representing the size of the fields in a single
cross-reference entry.



UPDATED: April 17, 2017

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