how to solve issue where report showing a job ended before it is open in DFWorks 3.1 and up

Product Affected: DFWorks™


begining and end of report for previous days/week/month are not correctly display
in the case it was notice, the report was showing up as starting at 1am and end at 0h59 .


With the new time zone seting available in dfwork there are time zone stamp in database

His user is enrolled with a US/Central timezone. It's shown near the top right of the menu bar. If the DFWorks server's Site is enrolled as US/Eastern, then the midnight to midnight in his time zone will be 1am to 1am of the adjusted server time.


adjust the time zone for the user to match that of the system

An admin level user goes into User Management->User Enrollment, can change your time zone from US/Central to US/Eastern.

UPDATED: November 03, 2017

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