Can NTO1 and PAGE_CONTROL both be used in AFP-OUT in P/I Output Manager?



We are currently using "PAGE_CONTROL=R180B;L180B;" to print from PIOM for Roll to Roll.
We are using NTO1. This is working correctly.

We now need to print to a file (AFP) to feed into a Prisma server. The NTO1 is working fine to reorder the output, but PAGE_CONTROL is not taking affect.

We assume this is because PAGE_CONTROL is a printer attribute that is not being saved to file. Can we use PIOM to reorder and reorient the pages of the output file to maintain the effects of "PAGE_CONTROL=R180B;L180B;"?


For PAGE_CONTROL ... No; that's an IPDS-OUT only parameter. 

However, NTO1 is a VPA2 option ... and AFP-OUT is a VPA client.  So, as long as you run VDD2AFP with VPA_VERSION=2 in the output client CONFIG and NTO1=YES in the job profile, the end to beginning order should be preserved in the output AFP file produced.

NTO1 just reverses the order of the pages emitted in the print file (by AFP-OUT) or at the printer (by IPDS-OUT) ... so you can rewind the output back to a paper spool after processing.  Then, the next process in the workflow, say an inserter, gets page 1 to begin with when taking pages of the spool in the next step.

If you want to do anything fancier than that, then you're talking a VDE script to move things around.

UPDATED: April 12, 2017

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