Error Code: 2485, Resolve on the DM100i, DM125, and more

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Products affected: DM100®i, DM125™, DM200L™, DM225™


Error code 2485 is displayed on the meter.


An internal sensor is blocked by a mail piece or debris.


This error can be caused by various issues. The following sections include possible causes with solutions for each.
  1. Use these steps to check and clean the sensors:
    1. Unplug the power cord.
    2. Wait one to three minutes.
    3. Move the transport release lever 1/4 turn to the right (clockwise) to the released position (vertical).
    4. Remove any visible paper fragments from feed deck. Occasionally the tape strip/sheet will get caught in the rollers.
    5. Using a can of non-flammable compressed air and working from the left side of the machine to the exit, blow onto the feed deck that the envelopes/tape sheets travel on. Make sure that all dust and debris are removed.
    6. Move the transport release lever 1/4 turn counter clockwise to raise the feed deck back up into position.
    7. Plug the power cord back in, ensuring that it is plugged directly into a wall outlet.  
  2. Print a $0.00 stamp. If print is missing or if print quality is poor, try cleaning the print head. Follow these steps to clean the print head:
    1. Press Home.
    2. Remove the scale.
    3. Open the top cover.
    4. Select Replace Ink Tank.
    5. Once the carriage stops, open the green latch.
    6. Remove the ink tank.
    7. Pinch the gray levers and lift out the print head.
    8. Using a lint free cloth, clean any excess ink build-up.
    9. Reinstall the print head and ink tank.
    10. Close the green latch and ink door.
    11. Put the scale back on the meter.
  3. Print a $0.00 stamp. If print is missing or if print quality is poor, use these steps to purge the print head:
    1. Press Home.
    2. Type 6946, then press Add postage.
    3. Select diagnostics.
    4. Select PM maintenance.
    5. Select Purge.
    6. Select Purge A.
    7. Wait for the purge to be complete, then print the test pattern on a blank envelope.
    8. If the Test Print has clean unbroken lines, press Home and retry the mail piece.
    9. If the Test Print has no print or broken lines, follow the prompts to run purges B – D.
If the issue is not resolved after performing the steps related to each possible cause, contact customer support from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time. Please have your model number ready.

UPDATED: August 14, 2021