Resolve Meter not showing up in Funds View

Operating System: Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server
Configuration: All DFWorks Versions, All UIC's 


Meter not showing up in the DFWorks Funds View or  UIC (Meter) showing connection Lost


The Meter via DFWorks Funds Management/Enrollment/Meter is not  synced with the UIC setup local to the meter. Specifically the IP Addresses are  not configured or not matching at the Meter or via DFWorks Funds Management/Enrollment/Meter.


Via DFWorks
Go to DFWorks >> Funds Management/Enrollment/Meter, Meter Details Tab
Confirmed Settings and match what is local at the UIC (Physically at the Meter) 
Meter Enrollment
Via the UIC (Meter) 
First check that there is a USB Network adapter connected to the USB port at the UIC and there is activity lights on the network adapter.

At the UIC key pad >> 
Select <Menu>
Select <Setup>
Select <#4> (Phone/Network Setup)
Press#5 (Modem type)
Select LAN
Confirm Static IP Address matches  IP Address in DFWorks 

note: Confirm PBP Account also.

UPDATED: July 21, 2020

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