How to display EngageOne Output Manager messages on multiple GUIs



The customer has EngageOne Output Manager set up in a client/server configuration.  There are multiple clients with different users signed in to each one.  When a job aborts on the server, not everyone receives the Abort/Resubmit message which would allow any of the clients to clear the error.


By default, EngageOne Output Manager sends messages to a single client.


Messages on multiple GUIs

Messages displayed on the primary GUI of a multi‐GUI system can be echoed and
responded to on other GUIs.

The Executive User Interfaces (EUIs) on which the messages are displayed are
determined by their being designated as recipients in the Client Autostart utility in
the Settings tab, or by means of the EUI_FOR_<ClientName> command in the
vipexec.cfg, or the EUI command in the job Profile.

The manner in which the messages are to be displayed is specified in the vipexec.cfg
by the MESSAGE_BOX_ECHO_AS command.  Where a message window is displayed
requiring a response on all EUIs (MESSAGE_BOX_ECHO_AS=COPY), for example, an
Abort or Continue message, an appropriate action taken on any one EUI (for example, Abort)
clears the message copies from the other EUIs.

The GUI_FOR and EUI_FOR commands are placed in the vipexec.cfg and both have the same effect.

The syntax is:
GUI(EUI)_FOR_<client>=<user name>
These settings only apply during jobs using the client specified in <client>.
Multiple clients may be specified, using a separate instance of the command for each. Multiple users may be specified in a semicolon‐separated list. Where both GUI_FOR and EUI_FOR are used, the GUI_FOR command takes precedence.

UPDATED: August 09, 2017

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