Fonts are printed incorrectly on Ricoh IP5000 printer using PI Output Manager

Product Affected: PI Output Manager


Fonts are printed incorrect on Ricoh IP5000 printer, but not when the same application sent from different PC.



When in production, P/I Output Manager sends the job using default configuration: it sends jobs in the most optimized way.

When a job is processed, virtual resources and virtual version of the job is always created.  These "virtual version of the job" is the native version for P/I Output Manager.  To process job in optimize speed, a font or resources already created from the previous job of same type will remain in LOCALRESOURCE folder.  When next job of same type is submitted, it will use this existing resources.  

Sometimes the previous resources are created in formats different from what the current job requires.  
Previous resources might have been created without one of these commands turned ON in the set file.

And then the next job is required to print the font in rotation to another device, which then prints the font in an incorrect rotation.
If virtual resources are created with VIPRESOLUTION600=OFF (which is the default) and then sent to print to a 600 dpi configured IPDS printer, it is more likely the resource will print in an incorrect format.


The best practice to correct this issue is to clear/delete the folder from all virtual resources, then submit the job again.
New virtual resources will be created according to the VIPcommands  in the set file.  VIPcommands must, match the output client commands related to formatting the job (these commands are RESOLUTION, COLOUR, etc.).
Before doing so, it is recommended it is always to copy the folder and its content for backup before executing any deletion.

UPDATED: September 12, 2019

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