Parameter NTO1=YES Not Working with P/I Output Manager




Parameter NTO1=YES which enables the printing of an application in reverse order is not working as required


The NTO1=YES parameter was specified in the AFP-OUT.cfg configuration and does not affect the output.
The NTO1=YES command is a Profile only command, specifying it in the configuration will have not affect.


The NTO1 command must be placed in either the profile, modifier or the VIPOPT file (if being used with Enterprise Manager).

NTO1 This command enables the printing of an application in reverse order.
Note: The O in the command name is the letter O, and not a zero.

This command requires the VPAVERSION=2 command in the Output Configuration file (refer to the Output Manager User Guide , Appendix C: Output for details).
Not for use with IPDS Output

The permitted values are:
YES Print in reverse order (last to first)
NO Print first to last order (first to last)

Default: NO

Example: NTO1=YES

UPDATED: December 28, 2018

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