P/I Output Enhancement getMem errors

Product Feature: General

Operating System: Windows 2008


Emtex getMem error while trying to create indexing file with the help of VDE, and found error 4,6, and 12, and some getMem issue

11:39:36 E000004 AFP-IN (VDE) Call getMem - rc 12 - line 226 - file vdeindex.c
11:39:36 E000006 AFP-IN (VDE) FATAL - memory - line 5138 file syslib.c
11:39:36 E000012 AFP-IN (VDE) Unrecoverable error - process terminated


 The issue is VDE Script related and does not appear when the script is not used. Job runs to complete.


Fix to code and new build, VDEExprt 16.4.1, Vipver.h 183.6.195

UPDATED: April 12, 2017

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