How To Bypass PDF Transparency Checking



Bypass PDF Transparency Checking


When I'm processing a PDF file, the system first does a pre-processing step, wherein he checks for any transparent objects which may need to be flattened. For files which I know in advance will not require any flattening, is there a technique whereby I can bypass this pre-processing and go directly to the main PDF2VDD processing?

I've tried deploying PDFIN_IGNORE_TRANSPARENCY=YES, but the pre-processing still happens. In my particular case, this pre-processing literally takes longer than the mainline processing, which for large files, takes quite a while.


The pre-processing must happen regardless of whether or not the input contains transparencies.  The PDFIN_IGNORE_TRANSPARENCY=YES option determines whether or not the transparencies are flattened once found, but the input file needs to be checked regardless.


UPDATED: April 17, 2017

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