AFP job Italic font a spacing issue

AFP job


Customer raise an issue on letter a in italic font in side/page40 regarding spacing issue.  It is near to letter p in word "Bupa" and "patients".
The job is in AFP format created from Papyrus. 
The issue is seen in PDF output created in 300 dpi and prints, but from Papyrus viewer, Compart Viewer and AFP Betabrowser. 



Investigation process:
Since issue is seen in PDF output and prints, the job, especially the fonts in question has to be verified if it is actually has no issue at all.
Displayed from any viewer that takes AFP data is not reliable in validating how fonts should look like, for it does not display the AFP font, but uses a meta file or Windows font equivalent (TrueType or Type 1 font) intelligently mapped to an AFP font.
To verify the job, it has be benchmark.

Benchmark on AFP jobs is about printing the AFP jobs via PSF to an IPDS printer.

Before performing a benchmark, it is always best to know how the job looks like using the MGR system in question.  This is by submitting the job to MGR's very own viewer.  MGR Viewer also can also display or list the resources used on the page (side) through "Page Detail" window.  For this job, "Page Detail" window showed that fonts used are not using standard name of AFP fonts, which can be concluded as User created ones, which is possible to do in Papyrus. From this findings, the more reason the job has to be benchmark. 

BH11X_Mar2015_text0_benchmark.afp is submitted via PSF to IPDS 600 dpi. In the image, please refer to BH11X_Mar2015_text0_benchmark.pdf screen capture, and notice how a in Bupa and patients is close to letter p, but still have a space kept it apart. 
Next, I tried to recreate the problem or see the output created using the MGR release of the customer and commands used.  This is the 300 dpi.
I also submitted the job using the configuration of the benchmark which has common factor RESOLUTION is 600 dpi. See the same image for illustrating the output . The 300 dpi exhibits a very near to p, while 600dpi output is like the benchmark. 

From this I would say, possible that if we create the benchmark in 300 dpi, it will match the VDD2PDF output of 300 dpi, like the way the VDD2PDF output 600 dpi matches the benchmark shown. 

To see the difference in the illustration, zooming it in,  might show more clear information.
User-added image



Therefore, it is a recommendation is to print or create the job in 600dpi (RESOLUTION=600 in output configs, or AUTO for IPDS provided IPDS printer resolution is at AUTO or 600 dpi). 

UPDATED: April 28, 2015