Resolve error "The job could not be viewed" in PI Output Manager



Viewer could not display the child job with the status of "Complete".
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Looking at the system.log, it has invoke the VDEEXPRT.DLL which means Viewer tries to execute VDE commands.
Tracing back the job its profile to identify the profile to open to identify the commands used, the profile executes a VDEOUTPUTSOURCE command.
This is call to execute VDE script by an Output Client like the viewer.

Th job is sent to a PCL output and banner is added to it.
If VDEOUTPUT script has indexing, the Viewer will then reindex the job which can trigger a confusion in the logic caused by additional banner in creating new index.  This is not a good practice and could cause the Viewer to be unable to reindex to display the job.


Indexing a job using VDE should be applied by Input Client or a call to a VDEINPUT Script via VDEINPUTSOURCE command.

UPDATED: August 02, 2017

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