Resolve Error "All Output Clients (except VDD2IPDS) disconnects on this job" in PI Output Manager



"All Output Clients (except VDD2IPDS) disconnects on this job" is about a job aborted by a specific output client.  

Troubleshooting tips:
  • To narrow down what component has the problem while at the same time attempting to resolve the issue, "isolation" is the best method.  
  • If an output client has the problem, same job has to be tested with other output clients, like PDF and IPDS Output client.  There are times VDD2PDF or PDF output client disconnect, while VDD2IPDS or IPDS output client does not. If this happens and VDD2AFP, VDD2PS also disconnect, this result is a very important information where the problem is.  Adding the information logged in the system.log before the problem happens will help.  If messages does not make sense, try to capture more information by starting the output client, then change the loglevel to 10; and then resend the job again to it.  
    • Note: There are times important messages are displayed by the "Exec Console", but not logged in system.log.  Be observant when this happens to capture the message as additional information can be use in resolving an issue.
  • For resolution, job should be run on the latest release of the output client that has the problem.
  1. The issue is on the output.
  2. Job is AFP.
  3. The output client is PDF output or VDD2PDF which requires to convert AFP format to PDF format compliant.
  4. AFP jobs need no conversion when sent to IPDS (VDD2IPDS).
  5. To further know where is the issue, Job should be send also to VDD2IPDS.  If job goes through successfully, a bug could be in all non-IPDS Output clients.
  6. If job fails to print through VDD2IPDS, AFP job needs to be benchmark.



From the "Exec Console", a message on " "Drawing GOCA graphics (DEFAULT emulation n00 dpi)" was displayed before the job is aborted by the Output Client.
The job is AFP input and the message came from AFP2VDI when converting the graphics or pagesegment to format compliant to PDF output.


Such issue might be fixed by the latest release.

If after a test on the latest release and issue still exist, a case needs to be raised and contact PI Output Manager Support must be contact to raise the case to PI Output Manager Engineering group.

UPDATED: August 02, 2017

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