Unrecoverable BCOCA bar code exception error with Output Manager IPDS output



Colour AFP job aborts with "Unrecoverable BCOCA bar code exception - Attempt to print portion of barcode symbol outside object area or VPA - Sense 04 11 00 action code 00" when printing to a Canon IP5000 printer

Problem: AFP data file processed through AFP2VDD out VDD2IPDS. A barcode on page is being duplicated at the bottom of the page. 


Bug in code.
Output Manager 2.1 used in testing only shows one bar code, the second is expected off the page and this is why an error is generated with VDD2IPDS output when the job is printed.
The AFP benchmark did not show the second barcode and therefore assumed that Output Manager was duplicating the barcode.


This is fixed by Output Manager 2.4.3 release and above.


UPDATED: July 12, 2018

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