Resolve Connect LPD issue with error message "Socket error bind to port rc:10013"




Connect LPD (Line Printer Daemon Protocol used to transfer data files to Output Manager) aborts with error messages in the Output Manager system log:

E051010 CONNECT-LPD - Socket error bind to port rc:10013
D000000 CONNECT-LPD - Create lpd connection monitor failed
D000000 CONNECT-LPD - Main program running as thread 11368

D000000 VIPEXEC - Client wait & kill thread ID is 7908
I029414 VIPEXEC - Stop signal sent to client CONNECT-LPD
D000000 VIPEXEC - Client CONNECT-LPD connection error 10053 detected



The system log also shows the following related error messages on another socket:

E051010 CNT-LPD_1 - Socket error bind to port rc:10013
D000000 CNT-LPD_1 - Create lpd connection monitor failed

CNT-LPD_1 is another Output Manager Connect LPD System client.
From which states specification on Line Printer Daemon Protocol (LPD), the listening device only listens to one socket, that is Port 515.

Therefore having more than one LPD client listening on Port 515 causes the issue.


Actions required to make sure only one LPD client is functioning on a machine.
  • If there is more than one LPD started on an Output Manager system, the other client or clients must be stopped or removed.
  • If another LPD is started by other system, then only one should be active.
  • A reboot of the machine is the best way to stop any unknown LPD running on the same device.

UPDATED: June 19, 2017

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