PostScript output has big spaces between changes in font style

Product Feature: PostScript and PDF Output



PostScript output has big or extra spaces between changes in font style:

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This issue is not shown by Designer, nor when publication is preview.


The fonts in use, which are "Times" and "Times Bold", are mapped to another font from Font Library, under the Output Device Configuration, Resource Mapping.  Mapping font from the Font Library to any in the Font Library is an improper use of mapping fonts. Output Device like PDF and PostScript will be using the mapped to substitute to those use by Designer. The PostScript output uses different font for these texts which happens to have different widths. 


There are two ways to use font from the Font Library:
  1. If it is required to use the font from the Font Library to create PDF or PostScript output, it is best to use this without mapping at all. 
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  2. If this font has to be use, or even embedded, it can be remap to be use having a different name by selecting "Automatically generate an Output Device font called:" from Output Datastream Font.

If Windows Font (fonts used by Designer) has to be mapped to a printer resident font, use this option instead.
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After making the necessary changes, save the Output Device Configuration.

UPDATED: July 26, 2018

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