Resolve an E-Z Seal leak on the DM400c, DM450c and DM475

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Products affected: DM400c™, DM450c™, DM475™


The meter is leaking E-Z Seal®.


  • The bottle may be leaking.
  • The sealer tank may be cracked.


  1. Ensure that the cap is tight and isnot cross-threaded.
  2. With the cap face up, press the valve in the center of the cap. It should go down and spring back up.
  3. Remove the stripper blade.
  4. Pull the clear plastic tank out and inspect it for leaks and cracks.
Note: The bottle must be removed in order to pull the tank out. Be careful, as the tank may be full of E-Z Seal.

If any part appears cracked or broken, contact technical support. Please have your model and serial number ready.

    UPDATED: May 21, 2018