Resolve color matching issue in Output Manager

Color Management and MAP_COLOR full implemenation are available from P/I Output Manager 2.4.

Color Management may require licensing. Contact your Product Intelligience Sales Manager to request.


Prints or displayed PDF do not match expected or desired color on the display or printed version.


Color or colours of the job are outside the gamut of colors of the printer or output device used.
So output device uses color that is near to color value of the object of the job.

Click here, for explanation and example of gamut of device. 


1. Define or know all International Color Consortium (ICC) profile of your input file. 
  • A color PDF or AFP file would have its color space (RGB, CMYK or Pantone) defnition. 
  • The objects in it, i.e. boxes of color shading, images, text may have a different colour space definition. To keep the color integrity of an object, the best practice is to embed an ICC profile to the object: i.e. The color on a logo, TIFF is defined by the embedded ICC profile AppleRGB.icc
  • If ICC profiles are not embedded these can be as external files. There can be an ICC profile for RGB colors of the file, another for CMYK, and there can be one for gray.
  • For better prints, a printer would have its own ICC profile. If all required ICC profiles are defined and available, resolve color issue using Color Management. To know more about ICC commands in Output Manager to implement Color Management, visit the article, How to automate color correction in Output Manager.
2. In the absence of any ICC profile, Color Management is more likely to fail. Colors can still be manipulated using Output Manager's featured command  Learn how to use MAP_COLOR command by visiting the article on How to change Colour Mapping using the map_colour command with Output Manager.​

UPDATED: July 25, 2018

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