Resolve Connect Spool client not starting with error "Filename does not exist" in PI Output Manager

Products Affected: PI Output Manager
Product Feature: Job setup
Operating System: Windows; all versions


Connect Spool client does not start.

You receive an error message stating that the configuration file does not exist:

Error code: E029088
VipExec, client 'Filename' does not exist 


The configuration file name is too long. PI Output Manager has a limitation that the configuration file name cannot exceed 15 characters, including spaces in the name.

This applies to all versions of PI Output Manager and all Input, Output and System clients.


Ensure that the configuration file name does not exceed 15 characters.
Configuration files are located in C:\MGR#.#\Config (i.e. C:\MGR2.5\config) directory.

Drive letter is dependent on individual Output Manager configuration choice upon installation.

UPDATED: August 02, 2017

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