Resolve issue where the PDF file size is far too large when splitting PDF's in P/I Output Manager

Product Feature: Output Clients


The input PDF is 40-50 MB in size. However, splitting to individual PDF’s from the output creates 3-4 GB worth of PDF’s.  On the ICL PDF’s (pre-Output Manager) this is coming across as small .jpg (~140 KB) image from the ICL produced PDF.



The issue is how Output Manager handles images in the PDF’s. In this file at least, the small image file from the word doc is replaced with a much larger .bmp image file. This larger image file multiplied thousands of times is causing problems in the AZ process and will consume a significantly larger PDF storage footprint than the original PDF image format.


Use the PDF_INPUT_RESOLUTION parameter in the profile to adjust the resolution and size of the outptut.  In a test where the input file is 365Kb in size, the tests were as follows:

PDF_INPUT_RESOLUTION=75 Output file size = 413Kb
PDF_INPUT_RESOLUTION=150 Output file size = 949 Kb
PDF_INPUT_RESOLUTION=220 Output file size = 1596Kb
PDF_INPUT_RESOLUTION=300 Output file size = 2495 Kb
PDF_INPUT_RESOLUTION=600 Output file size = 2495 Kb

UPDATED: August 14, 2017

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