"We can't find your scale" message in SendPro Online

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Products affected: SendPro® Online


The message "We can't find your scale. Make sure SendPro Scale App is installed and running" is displayed in SendPro Online.


  • The scale is not compatible with SendPro.
  • The SendPro scale app has not been installed (only when using SendPro on a web browser).
  • There is a USB hub between the scale and the computer.
  • The scale is not paired


Solution 1: Ensure that the scale is compatible with SendPro Online

Ensure that a compatible scale is installed:

  • 5 lb. USB scale (item number 397-A)
  • 10 lb. USB scale (item number 397-B)
  • 70 lb. USB scale (item number 397-D)
  • 70 lb. USB platform scale (item number MT70)

On the bottom of the scale is a label with information about the scale. This label should list the PB CODE, which must match one of these compatible scales.

Solution 2: Install the SendPro Scale App


See Installing the scale in Windows for SendPro Online.


See Installing the scale on a Mac for SendPro Online.

Solution 3: Ensure that the USB cable is connected directly to the computer

Ensure that the USB cable is connected directly from the scale to the computer. Do not use a USB hub between the USB scale and the computer. If the scale is already plugged directly into the computer, try a different USB port on the computer.

Solution 4: Manually pair the scale

  1. Clear your web browser's cookies and cache. Consult your web browser's help for assistance.
  2. Go to the SendPro sign-in page and sign in to SendPro again.
  3. Right-click on the SendPro Scale App ("SP") icon in the system tray and hover over Pair With. Select your web browser from the Pair With menu.

Solution 5: Install the SendPro Online software

Alternatively, you can download the SendPro Online software to perform all SendPro functions without needing the Scale App. See Installing the SendPro Desktop Application.

Note: When the scale is connected to a computer with the USB cable, the power button on the scale will be disabled. The power button is only used when the scale is powered with a 9-volt battery. There is no need to use a battery if the scale is connected to the computer with a USB cable.

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UPDATED: September 27, 2021