Resolve: Very high processing time with IPPM

Product Feature: Input Clients
Operating System: Wndows Server/Solaris


Excessive processing times at IPPM, after DMZ changes.


During the DMZ changes the On-Access Virus scan rules reverted back to default.
This causes the large data files (4Gb+)to be scanned multiple times while they are processed/transferred over the network from Output Manager (DMZ) to Enterprise Manager to IPPM.
Depending on the file sizes this can add several hours in to the production time from receiving the data files and output to the printer. 



Disable the On-Access virus scans on the affected network drives locations where the files are stored/moved from.
The data files are not executable nor scripts, scanning those files are very detrimental for processing times, and cause missed SLAs as the printing cannot be done in time.

UPDATED: October 04, 2018

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