Configuring locker kiosks using the Locker Management module

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Products affected: ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers

You can set up how clients interact with the kiosks within a locker bank when they pick up or drop off packages.

You adjust these settings using the Kiosk Settings screen.

  1. Click on the Settings icon on the menu at the top of the Home screen.
  2. Select the Kiosks option.
    The system opens the Kiosk Settings screen.
  3. Click on LOCATION and select the location. Then click on LOCKER BANKS and select the locker bank that contains the set of lockers.
  4. For package pick up settings, click on Package Pick up on the Kiosk settings screen.
    For package drop off, click on Package Drop Off.

Package Pick up

  1. Click on Package Pick up on the Kiosk settings screen.
  2. Set the slider bar for each option to ON or OFF depending on whether you want to enable the pick up option. This image shows you the slider bar options and provides and explanation for each one.
    • Capture Recipient Photo: Set to On if you want the kiosk to take a picture of clients as soon as they scan their barcodes or enter their pickup code.
    • Department Mail Pickup: Set to On if you want to allow a client to retrieve packages from lockers assigned to a department.
    • Multiple Packages: If a client has packages in multiple lockers, set this to On if you want to open all the lockers at the same time. Otherwise, each locker opens one at a time.
  3. Scroll down and set the remaining pick up options shown here.
    • Sign for Pickup: Select Yes if you want to require the client to sign for the package before retrieving it from a locker.
    • Reopen Locker: Set the amount of time a client has to reopen a locker after closing the door.
  4. Click Save when done.

Package Drop Off

  1. Click on Package Drop Off on the Kiosk settings screen.
  2. Adjust the slider bar or select the option for the items on this screen.
    • Package with no barcode: Set this to ON if you want the kiosk to take a picture of a package that does not have a barcode.
    • Set Expiration: Select the amount of time (days) that can elapse before a locker operator can remove all or some of the packages not retrieved by a client.
    • Categorize Department Mail From Personal Mail: Set this to ON if you want the locker operator to be able to assign lockers to departments.
    • Reservation without Recipient: Set this to ON if you want to be able to make a reservation at the kiosk.


UPDATED: August 24, 2021