Using the receiving dashboard in PitneyAnalytics

Use the receiving dashboard in PitneyAnalytics to view current or recent locker utilization.
Products affected: PitneyShip™ Pro

 Use the PitneyAnalytics dashboard feature to view current or recent locker utilization.

  1. Select Analytics > Dashboard, or select the Dashboard tab.
    select Dashboard

  2. Select the Receiving tab.
    dashboard receiving tab
  3. Use the filters to select the data you wish to view.
    analytics dashboard filters

    1. Filter: The default value is Division/Region. Do not change this setting as it represents the entire enterprise (all divisions and all locker locations).
    2. Division/Region: Select the divisions you wish to view.
    3. Location: Select the locker locations you wish to view.
    4. Date Range: Select one of the preset time periods, or select Custom Range to enter a specific date range.
    5. Refresh: Once you have selected all of your options, click on the refresh icon to display the analysis.
  4. Select how you want to display the Receiving Activity collected from your Division/Region. Options include:
    dashboard receiving activity
    • Total
    • Received
    • Placed into Locker
    • Attempted
    • Not Delivered
    • Refused
    • Delivered

More about the dashboard

dashboard receiving overview

  1. Key Performance Indicators show you your activity at a glance.
  2. Receiving Activity shows you a breakdown of activity in graphical format.
  3. Delivery Volume shows you hour-by-hour receiving and delivery data.
  4. Utilization shows you a comparison of the locker sizes in your enterprise.

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UPDATED: August 18, 2023