Learning about a LAN connection with the USB Ethernet Digital Connectivity Kit

What is the USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit

The USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit allows you to connect your digital mailing system to the Pitney Bowes Data Center via a LAN network with Internet access. A USB ethernet connection provides faster upload and download speeds, making use of Confirmation Services easier, and especially helpful during a postal rate change and for software updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - LAN network connection:

  • Does the USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit use “Active” or “Passive” FTP?
    The meter will connect to Pitney Bowes Data Center Servers using “Active” FTP
  • What access needs to be opened for my Firewall?
    It is recommended your meter be connected through a firewall. If unrestricted outbound access is not allowed in a particular organization, then network access to Pitney Bowes’ servers is accomplished by allowing outbound HTTP (80) and FTP (21) access to range - If a particular firewall supports unrestricted access to these ports, then the meter will automatically connect to Pitney Bowes’ services when a request initiates from the meter, such as a postage refill, or a rate change or software download.
  • What type of communication does the meter use while connecting to the Pitney Bowes Data Center Servers?
    The meter uses (HTTP) on Port 80 and FTP on Port 21. Port 80 is used to communicate XML formatted messages requesting services.
  • Does the meter’s USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit support static and dynamic addressing? 
    Your meter supports both dynamic and static IP addressing. The IP address is defaulted to automatic addressing from a DHCP Server.

To view or change your IP addressing, follow steps for Dynamic or Static.

Dynamic IP addresses

  1. Press the Options Key
  2. Press the Page Down key twice
  3. Select Connect-Data Center
  4. Select LAN Settings
  5. Verify Get IP is set to Auto
  6. Press the Home key to return to the Mail Run Screen

Static IP addresses
The network department will need to provide an IP address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway for entry into the meter.

  1. Select Get IP
  2. Select Manually
  3. Select IP and enter the IP value determined by your network administrator
  4. Select Accept IP Addr to continue
  5. Select Sub and enter the Sub value determined by your network administrator
  6. Select Accept Sub Addr to continue
  7. Select Gwy and enter the Gwy value determined by your network administrator
  8. Select Accept Gwy Addr to continue
  9. Press the Home key to return to the Mail Run Screen

If you experience issues connecting to the Pitney Bowes Data Center, refer to tips: Troubleshooting Connection - USB Ethernet Connectivity.

UPDATED: April 13, 2021