pbSmartPostage upgrade to SendPro online: FAQ

UPDATED: March 7, 2018


Review the list of FAQs for more information:



Why is this happening?
Pitney Bowes is constantly innovating new technology so that we can provide our clients with greater value through our digital offerings. This upgrade will benefit your business by streamlining all your sending processes and providing you with the ability to easily manage your postage spend.



What is SendPro?
SendPro is an online mailing and shipping solution that allows you to print stamps and process packages through not only USPS® but now UPS® and FedEx®. It captures all of your postage and shipping spend and package tracking information all in one consolidated report. SendPro brings you an easy-to-use online experience with more features and benefits.



Will I need to learn how to use SendPro?
Since you already know pbSmartPostage, the transition to SendPro will be simple and hassle-free, as SendPro was built on the same platform as pbSmartPostage. You will still be able to print stamps on stamp sheets and shipping labels for USPS. Plus, it gives you the ability to print UPS and FedEx shipping labels, all from the same place. You will notice that SendPro’s easy-to-use design is very similar to pbSmartPostage screens and find that makes sending anything, easier.

Please note, stamp printing on a roll printer is not yet available in SendPro, it is currently in development. You will still be able to print stamps on SendPro Stamp Sheets or directly onto envelopes.

Should you want to learn more about the new features and benefits, please sign up for our Daily Webinar. This is an interactive online presentation that you can take right from your computer. To learn more about new features and benefits, sign up for our Daily SendPro Webinar.



Do I need to start using SendPro right away?
While you are able to start using SendPro immediately, there will a transition period before you will be fully migrated over to SendPro. Once you receive the email notification, you will have 14 days before your shipping and mailing features will be deactivated in pbSmartPostage. Your shipment history will remain in pbSmartPostage for 90 days. Once that time period is over, you will need to begin using SendPro.



Will anything change on my bill?
As a valued Pitney Bowes client, we are happy to provide you with SendPro access including the additional features at no additional cost. Your bill will remain unchanged.

Please note: when adding postage in SendPro using a credit card as the payment method, a 3.5% administrative fee will be included with your charges. To avoid this fee, consider signing up for Purchase Power®. For more information or to sign up for Purchase Power, call: 1-800-243-7800.




Is there any set-up involved in SendPro?
Non-Enterprise pbSmartPostage users can begin using their SendPro account today by logging in with the same email address and password that they use now.

For pbSmartPostage Enterprise clients, if you are the Administrator for your pbSmartPostage account, you can login today with the same email address and password you use for pbSmartPostage. If you are a Location user for pbSmartPostage, you will receive an email invitation with instructions on setting up your account. While the initial screen asks for your name, you may choose to enter your Location name instead. Depending on your organization, this may make your reporting easier. Click here to see how you can change the name used for your account.

While your payment methods have been transferred you will need to add funds to your account, as pbSmartPostage and SendPro have separate accounts.

If you have currently have business accounts with UPS and FedEx, then you will need to add those to SendPro manually. The SendPro system connects to UPS and FedEx via the cloud, and receives your negotiated rates directly from the carriers. This ensures that the information is always up to date, and that you always receive the savings you expect from UPS and FedEx.

Learn how to set up your accounts. If you already have negotiated rates with these carriers, those savings will transfer over when you connect your carrier accounts.

For pbSmartPostage Enterprise clients: each Location user can use their own FedEx and UPS accounts for shipping with those carriers.

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What will happen to my postage funds in pbSmartPostage?
Your pbSmartPostage balance will stay available in the tool for use for the next 14 days, and you can continue to use pbSmartPostage for that time period. pbSmartPostage and SendPro will have separate USPS postage balances, so before you begin using SendPro you will need to add funds.

After 14 days, your pbSmartPostage account will be disabled. Any remaining postage balance will automatically be refunded to your payment method.



Will I still receive the USPS discounts with SendPro?
SendPro automatically qualifies you for the postage stamp discounts as well as the USPS shipping discounts of up to 39% off retail rates vs. going to the Post Office.

If you do not currently have negotiated rates with UPS, learn more about getting special SendPro shipping discounts with UPS.



Can I use the same pbSmartPostage supplies I use for SendPro?
You will still be able to use the pbSmartPostage scale and label printer with SendPro. However, stamp roll printing is not yet available in SendPro.

You will be able to print stamps on stamp sheets. However, there are specific stamps sheets designed for SendPro online. Once you are fully migrated over to SendPro you must use the designated SendPro Stamp Sheets. Click to order SendPro Stamp Sheets on our Supply page.

If you have purchased pbSmartPostage stamp sheets within the past 6 months, you may return any unused or unopened materials received back in resalable condition for a full refund.

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Is there a direct Support Line to assist with activation and troubleshooting tips?
There are a lot of support options prominently featured within the application, including email, chat, and phone. You may also receive support help by calling 1-877-822-0996.



What if I don’t remember my password?
The “Forgot your password?” link on the SendPro login page will guide you through the process of resetting your password.



What will happen if I need to request a refund in pbSmartPostage?
You can still request refunds for up to 14 days in pbSmartPostage and any postage refunded to you will be returned to your payment account when your pbSmartPostage account is closed.



What do I do with my pbSmartPostage supplies?
Pitney Bowes we will reimburse the price paid for unused or unopened supplies received back in resalable condition within six months of the purchase date. All reimbursements will be applied to the original method of payment for the product. Shipping and handling charges associated with the product (original order and return package) are the responsibility of the customer and will not be reimbursed unless the return is due to a damaged or defective product or as a result of an incorrect shipment on our part.



What will happen to my address book / list of contacts and cost accounts in pbSmartPostage?
Unfortunately, those will not be migrated over to SendPro. However, you can easily export all contacts in pbSmartPostage into a file that can be easily uploaded into SendPro.

You can do the same with your cost accounts. Click here for instructions on how to export lists out of pbSmartPostage and import into SendPro.



How do I enter my business location for my account? 

The difference between pbSmartPostage Enterprise and SendPro online is that you have the option in SendPro to use either your Name, Location or any other title to describe your user account for reporting purposes. 

When you first set up your SendPro account from the email invitation, you are asked to enter your name and email. This is the name associated with your account in your reporting history. You can enter any title you want here. For example: Amanda Jones or Chicago Office.

If you would like to change the name on your account, you can do so following these instructions



What if I didn’t receive an email invitation?

Contact your pbSmartPostage/SendPro administrator. They will be able to resend the invitation email by going into Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right hand side of the SendPro home page.  Underneath “Users” they will be able to find your name in the list. When they click the gear icon for your name, they can then click on “Resend invitation” and the invitation email will be resent to you. They can also add a new Location user on the same page.



Will SendPro charge my Purchase Power accounts in the same way?

Some pbSmartPostage Enterprises used a different Purchase Power account for each Location user. SendPro online uses a single Purchase Power or Reserve Account for the whole Enterprise, so all of your postage purchases will be charged to one main account.


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