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UPDATED: April 3, 2018


USPS® changes its permit mail payment system

The USPS has changed its payment system for permit mail and streamlined into one new platform called Enterprise Payment System (EPS). Pitney Bowes will stay compliant through the changes. If you already use Purchase Power® (Easy Permit Postage) for your permit mail, we will automatically switch you with no changes required. If you currently pay the USPS directly, Pitney Bowes offers an easier solution moving forward - learn about our Easy Permit Postage solutions.


Pitney Bowes has the simplified solution

For those with Easy Permit Postage, this means:

  • You do not need to sign up for any changes with USPS. 
  • You can feel confident that you can continue to:
    • Pay permit via your current Pitney Bowes Payment Method.
    • View same transaction level detail and summary reporting from your account.
    • Access any of the USPS Centralized Account Processing reports you might use.
  • We ensure seamless migration to the new platform by end of year.

For those without Easy Permit Postage, learn the benefits:

  • Pitney Bowes offers you the ability to pay later with the Purchase Power line of credit, or earn interest on your prepayments into Reserve Account.
  • Using our Easy Permit Payment solution helps ensure you can use your Purchase Power account or Reserve Account:
    • Manage and pay one bill for all postage-related expenses.
    • Access one source for data and reporting.
    • Save valuable time and resources.
  • Pitney Bowes offers an easy to use payment solution that will automatically migrate to the new system at the end of the year.
  • Sign up today to add permit pay to your Reserve Account or Purchase Power line of credit. See: Easy Permit Postage® form.

USPS Enterprise Payment System (EPS) FAQ


What is USPS EPS?
The USPS® recently announced upcoming improvements to its online services. Their Enterprise Payment System (EPS) when completed, will allow customers to set up an online account and process some of their permit-related transactions online.


If I use EasyPermitPostage or Permit Reserve with Pitney Bowes, what actions are required?
No action is required on your part in response to the USPS EPS announcement. As a Pitney Bowes Permit Payment Solutions customer you are already able to pay for your permit mail spending through your account online at


Can I continue to use my Pitney Bowes account to pay the USPS for permit charges?
Your permit postage and any related fees will continue to be charged directly to your Pitney Bowes account. You can also continue to pay your preferred mail service providers directly from your Pitney Bowes account. Keep in mind that you cannot pay for your USPS post office boxes with your account at this time.


Can I continue to access my permit transactions and reporting at
You will continue to receive the same transaction level detail and summary reporting that you do from Pitney Bowes and any of the USPS Centralized Account Processing reports you might also use.


Will Pitney Bowes keep me updated on USPS EPS?
The USPS EPS pilot is still in its early stages. As it progresses, Pitney Bowes will coordinate with the USPS to integrate your current payments account (CAPS) with their new system (EPS). After this occurs, you will continue to use your Pitney Bowes account to pay for permit transactions and access your permit information. We will keep you posted as the USPS pilot progresses.

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