Learn about Permit Postage Payment Solutions

UPDATED: November 29, 2018


USPS®  is changing its permit mail payment system

The USPS is implementing a new payments system that will allow electronic (online) payments for more services. Their goal is to migrate all clients to their new Enterprise Payment System (EPS), which replaces their old Centralized Accounts Processing System (CAPS).


What products will EPS Support?

EPS supports commercial, domestic and international products and services including First-Class Mail®, USPS Marketing Mail™, Periodicals, PO Boxes, Caller Services and Reserve Services (EPOBOL) and Address Quality Products, (ACS, AEC, AECII). Below is a list of all products/services EPS does and does not support.

Eligible Products/Services

-PO Box, Caller & Reserve Services (EPOBOL) -Electronic Verification System (eVS)
-Address Quality Products (AEC, AECII and ACS)  -Parcel Return Service (PRS)
-Priority Mail -PC Postage
-First-Class Mail, Letter, Cards, Flats -Scan Based Payment (SBP)
-First-Class Package Service -Merchandise Return Service (MRS)
-USPS Marketing Mail, Letters, Flats, Parcels -Official Mail Accounting System (OMAS)
-Parcel Select -Premium Forwarding Service Commercial (PFSC)
-Media Mail -Pick Up on Demand
-Library Mail -Package Intercept
-Bound Printed Matter -Share Mail
-Periodicals -Intelligent Mail Barcode Accounting (IMbA)
-International Products -Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)-BMEU
-Business Reply Mail (BRM)  


What does this mean if I pay through a Pitney Bowes account?

Pitney Bowes clients who pay for their permit mail (outgoing or business reply) through a Pitney Bowes Purchase Power® credit line or Reserve Account will gain the flexibility to pay for additional USPS services like PO Boxes and Address Quality Products through the same account. 


What should I do?

If you currently pay for permit mail postage through a Pitney Bowes account, you should not do anything at this time. Once final testing of our integration with the EPS system is complete, we will communicate our timeline with you via email and begin migrating accounts. We will convert your account over to the EPS system before the deadline.  


What do I do if I have a BCG (Business Customer Gateway) account?

If you have an existing BCG (Business Customer Gateway) account established with the USPS and have already requested an invitation code to add an Enterprise Payments Services account, you should go ahead and establish it in the USPS Client Portal. DO NOT activate the account with a bank account number at this time or you will lose your ability to fund and report through your Pitney Bowes account (Purchase Power or Reserve Account). 


What does this mean for my meter?

This will not cause any changes to how Pitney Bowes clients pay for meter postage.


Can I continue to use my Pitney Bowes account to pay the USPS for permit charges?

Your permit postage and any related fees will continue to be charged directly to your Pitney Bowes account. You can also continue to pay your preferred mail service providers directly from your Pitney Bowes account. 


Does the USPS have more information available on EPS? 

Additional information on EPS is available through PostalPro at https://postalpro,


USPS Webinar Information 

The USPS Mail Entry and Business Mailer Support group hosts a series of informational sessions on EPS and the migration process if you care to learn more about it:

  • When: Occurs every Tuesday 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST
  • Webex Link
  • Call-in toll-free number (US): 1-855-860-7461
  • Conference Code: 887 904 5356