Postage By Phone, or PbP, provides added convenience for managing your postage funds with our easy to use online features.

UPDATED: August 30, 2016

The Postage By Phone® service from Pitney Bowes allows meter clients to reset their postage meter and check account balances in seconds using our toll-free telephone number or simply signing in online to your account. Your Postage By Phone account number is 8-digits located at the top of your Reserve Account statement.

Postage By Phone, or PBP, benefits and features:

  • online statements - real-time account balance information
  • current and historical account activity details
  • online postage statements through Purchase Power and Reserve Account Scheduled Pay

Postage By Phone offers two solutions to pay for postage:

  • Purchase Power® Account - Most convenient way to pay for postage. Purchase Power is a line of credit with Pitney Bowes you can use to pay for postage, equipment, shipping, and supplies. And you earn rewards that can be redeemed for free postage and supplies from Pitney Bowes.
  • Reserve Account (FDIC) - Higher volume mailers that prefer to pay in advance for postage, and earn free postage on their postage reserve.

Contact us to set up your Postage By Phone service: 800.243.7800

Need your Postage By Phone account number?

  • Locate the 8-digit number at the top of your Reserve Account statement.
  • Learn how to Print a Funds Report directly on your meter, and get your 8-digit PBP account number, Serial number, Funds Available and Funds Used.