Learn about the SendPro Address Book

UPDATED: 11 February 2016

SendPro’s Address Book can save all of your recipient and sender addresses, reducing time, effort and data entry errors when creating and printing shipping labels. You can search for and populate a new label with a previously saved address in just a few keystrokes.

Key features of the Address Book

  • Auto-Save Addresses
    SendPro will auto-save each new address as you enter it, so you don’t have to manually add the address again should you need it for later shipments. Auto-save is enabled by default, but you can disable address auto-save at any time.
  • Importing Addresses
    Import multiple recipient addresses into the Address Book from another contact management application using our downloadable CSV-format template.
  • Export Addresses
    Export multiple recipient addresses from the Address Book to a CSV file for importing into other contact management applications.
  • Search for Addresses
    Search for a recipient or sender address using a particular field, such as name, city or ZIP code — or search all fields. Then sort your search results to help you find the contact you’re looking for.
  • Verify Addresses
    In addition to these Address Book-specific features, SendPro will attempt to verify an address by comparing the location-related information you enter to carriers’ databases of addresses to which they can deliver. If SendPro finds a verified match, you’ll be given the choice of using the address information you entered or the carrier’s verified address information.