Learn about the History Menu in SendPro

UPDATED: 04  April 2016

SendPro’s History provides complete details about every shipment, along with quick entry points into seeing various aspects of your shipping activity.

The History menu
There are three items under the History menu. They’re designed to help you navigate to the Shipments tab quickly and filter label records to ease making refund requests and insurance claims.

Shipping & Postage History: Navigates to the Shipments tab, showing recent shipments. Each record contains complete shipping label details

Request a Refund: Filters records to show only the shipments that are eligible for a shipping label refund

File Insurance Claim: Filters records to show only the shipments that were insured

The History tabs:

Shipments: Shows your recent shipments

Postage: Shows your recent postage refills

Refunds: Shows the status of your shipping label refund requests

Searching, filtering and exporting Shipment records
All three tabs include these tools for customizing your view:

• The date picker lets you show shipments only for specific days or time periods

• The search box allows you to perform a freeform search using information from the shipping label’s details (recipient name, sender address, Cost Account, user, etc.)

• The column headers can be used to sort records (All History tabs default to sorting by date, with most recent activity at the top of the list)

Learn more about how to search for a shipment.

The Shipments tab includes an additional tool — a set of predefined filters:

• All Shipments

• Insured Shipments

• Shipments Eligible for Refund

• Shipment Summary by Cost Account

• Shipment Summary by User

• Shipment Summary by Carrier

Should you wish to save or share a report (on shipments, postage refills or refunds) you can easily export a History report to a .cvs file.