From inbound and outbound mail tracking to address correction and even ballot tracking TrackMyMail™ Services offers a full suite of applications to keep you fully informed so you can make better business decisions.

If mail is the lifeline to your customers prospects subscribers or members then TrackMyMail is the way to become smarter and more responsive in your mail operations now.

Our services enable you to take full advantage of Intelligent Mail®-based data so that you’ll know precisely where your mail is at all times in the mailstream. Detailed automated reports that drill down to individual records to confirm critical delivery; or aggregate campaign-wide behavior to spot trends are instantly available online or via email. You can specify the exact type of information and fields you need in these reports—so you have total flexibility to segment your information by the criteria you need to monitor.

TrackMyMail also has powerful customizable tools that automate address corrections track inbound mail and more. You’ll always have the information you need to resolve problems save money maintain cash flow enhance marketing efforts and strengthen client relationships.

In addition TrackMyMail helps you:

  • Project in-home dates—a special feature of TrackMyMail.
  • Take advantage of a complete turnkey process for IMB management.
  • Co-brand your reporting site so your company logo is presented.
  • Secure the documented proof you need for a complete audit trail.

And as part of the Pitney Bowes family TrackMyMail gives you access to a wealth of mailstream services and solutions that have supported enterprises around the world for over 90 years.

Learn how TrackMyMail products and services can improve your mailing operations now.

PrecisionTrack - Outbound

TrackingTrackItBack - Inbound Tracking

TrackMyVote - Absentee Ballot Tracking

UpdatePro - Address Change Service

Your Multi-Channel Connection

Determining Custody of Mail