Integrated marketing and messaging campaigns across multiple channels have long been proven to be more effective than single-channel campaigns. But multi-channel campaigns lose their power if the messages aren’t properly timed to work with each other. Trackmymail can provide the in-home delivery dates that act as a trigger to other events.

Our automated daily “in-home updates” allow you to coordinate multi-channel campaigns easily. Trackmymail will generate a daily file that reports projected in-home dates for each record being delivered that day. You can then set business rules based on the delivery of individual mailpieces to trigger a pre-arrival or follow-up electronic message to your customer. You can boost customers’ interest in a soon-to-arrive special offer mailer with an email alert. Or perhaps reward responders to a mobile message with a discount or giveaway. You can also entice customers to scan QR Codes and visit your website for additional information and products. Message coordination helps you add a whole new dimension to your marketing arsenal.

Trackmymail can help you make that multi-channel connection!