Precisiontrack is your total solution for gaining real-time mailstream visibility. From induction to in-home mail delivery you’ll have the information you need to upgrade mail performance and business outcomes.

Knowing exactly where your mail is in the mailstream at any given time isn’t just a good thing to know. It’s an absolutely critical thing to know—to meet service standards, maintain client relationships and resolve issues.

Precisiontrack offers a wide collection of advanced reporting tools that give you invaluable knowledge of virtually anything you want to know about the actions of your mail. from overviews of entire mailing campaigns to snapshots of individual recipient delivery and everything in between you have complete flexibility to capture the data that is most relevant to your success. and of course it’s part of the pitney bowes global network of leading mailstream solutions.

You can specify exactly the information you want in reports including user-defined fields. Among its many capabilities precisiontrack lets you:

  • Follow mail flow histories including single piece searches across multiple jobs.
  • Assign unique identifiers for customizable segments.
  • See all information in one place so that you can spot trends or diagnose problems.
  • Compare individual behavior across various mailings.
  • Code seeds to monitor high-visibility mailpieces.
  • Evaluate in-home delivery to multiple ZIP™ codes or other geographic criteria.

Whatever form of mailstream performance you want to see PrecisionTrack gives you real-time visibility to view results online. You get documented proof from mailstream insertion to in-home delivery that vendors are fulfilling their service obligations. You’ll know when your mail will arrive when it has arrived what mail will arrive early what will be delayed and even where it may have taken a detour. No other tracking resource today enables you to project in-home dates like PrecisionTrack.

In addition PrecisionTrack gives you the flexibility to:

  • Secure viewing permissions and access to reports.
  • Set up a large variety of on-demand or scheduled reports to be emailed to you or anyone you choose.
  • See versions rolled up to a single job or view each version individually.
  • Review all of your jobs at once or jobs by individual vendor.

PrecisionTrack is ideal for:

  • Retailers promoting sales events or special offers.
  • Collection companies or departments.
  • Insurance companies mailing renewal/cancellation notices.
  • Credit card companies mailing new or replacement cards.
  • Loyalty marketers mailing coupons or special value offers.
  • Any company mailing checks or critical financial instruments.