TrackItBack is perfect for tracking payments and reply mail. Instead of wondering when remittances will arrive or what kind of response you’ll get you’ll have that information right at your fingertips.

For many mailers intelligence on inbound mail performance can be invaluable in not only measuring incoming payables but also getting an early reading on customer behavior and planning appropriate follow-up action. TrackItBack gives you this capability in an easy-to-use customizable online application.

For utilities remittance processors or non-profit fundraisers TrackItBack provides a full variety of automated daily reports on billing performance that can be used as a suppression file against lists compiled for second notices service cancellations or outbound telemarketing. No more unnecessary notification mailings or angry customers—because you’ll know when the check is really in the mail!

TrackItBack enables remittance mailers to:

  • Reduce collection and dunning efforts.
  • Avoid cutting off services and losing customers.
  • Improve overall collection efforts with detailed delivery and payment information for individual accounts.
  • Gain better insight into customer payment behavior.
  • Anticipate cash flow and identify at-risk revenue.
  • See how any cycle or set of bills is performing at any given moment.

Marketing professionals and fulfillment houses can use TrackItBack to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns and/or test mailings. It’s also perfect for associations and organizations which include window envelopes with their outbound direct mail efforts.

TrackItBack also lets you integrate both inbound AND outbound tracking into one single round-trip tracking solution for total beginning-to-end visibility. You get extra control more actionable data and complete peace of mind.