Even the most sophisticated mailing effort can’t overcome an out-of-date address. UpdatePro provides a simple automated way to update addresses and stay connected to your customers.

Just as we’ve done with mail tracking we’ve made using ACS™ simple and effective.

TrackMyMail’s UpdatePro automatically provides you with updated addresses as your mail moves through the Postal System™. It also sends forwards changes and undeliverable addresses to you electronically making it easy to keep your customer files up-to-date—enabling you to stay in compliance with USPS® Move Update requirements and maintain important automation discounts. In addition UpdatePro provides reasons for non-delivery so that you can evaluate address changes and suppressions.

Our on-staff experts can help you make the most of UpdatePro’s capabilities to have a positive impact on your mailing efforts. We’ve helped organizations in a wide variety of industries improve their list hygiene processes especially those in the following areas:

  • Printers/Lettershops
  • Retail
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Telecom
  • Health Care/Pharmaceutical
  • Universities/Alumni
  • Non-Profit
  • Government/Military