Using TrackMyMail™ Services gives you additional capabilities to not only help your clients succeed but also to give you a leg up on your competitors.

More and more direct mailers are seeing mail tracking as an increasingly important component of their strategic planning and marketing efforts. By offering TrackMyMail as a value-add to your services you give your prospects and customers a powerful reason to partner with you.

TrackMyMail provides advantages to printers and mailers you won’t find with other tracking service providers:

  • We pioneered mail tracking and are a product of Pitney Bowes the world’s leading authority in mailstream services and technology.
  • No other mail tracking company has as much experience as we do in partnering with printers and mailers.
  • Our solutions are designed and updated with the service provider’s needs in mind.
  • Our reports make it extremely easy for you and your clients to understand mail performance.
  • We’ve created a wide variety of ways for you to develop and manage the IMb process seamlessly within your workflow systems.

By being a TrackMyMail service provider you can:

  • Begin mail tracking without any upfront capital investment.
  • Access detailed tracking data on the web 24/7.
  • Customize your tracking website and reports with your company’s logo.
  • Schedule reports on timed intervals or mail performance thresholds.
  • Perform single-piece lookups and search by a wide range of criteria.
  • Set your own access permissions and interface preferences.
  • Use the job creation method that works best for you.
  • Gain new revenue streams and retain more clients.

TrackMyMail has a wide range of programs and pricing plans to comfortably fit any size and type of service provider operation including lettershops printers direct mail service providers and marketing agencies. With our multi-million scan-per-day processing capability we can keep track of even the largest mailings in real-time. In an industry that lives and breathes response rates message testing and mailing behavior helping clients acquire additional insight into their customers will help you get noticed.

So why wait? Put TrackMyMail to work for you and your clients today. And start seeing the difference it can make on your very first mailing.