Delivers On Time Every Time

Life stage marketing is all about timing. When people have a new baby, start at a new school, or move to a new neighborhood, they need to make choices quickly—like finding a new bank, a new doctor, or new places to shop for essentials. Reaching new prospects at just the right time can turn them into new customers overnight.

A data specialist for the largest life stage marketing company in the country needed to time direct mailpieces better in order to be in-home at that golden buying moment. She needed a way to know exactly when the mail hit, so that the company would be ready when prospects were ready to purchase. Then she discovered TrackMyMail™ Services.

TrackMyMail was Internet-based, easy to learn and use, and featured many built-in reports that instantly turned Intelligent Mail® barcodes into a true business resource. The reports were so easy to use that end-clients were able to view delivery information online themselves and know exactly where each mailing was in the mailstream so they could synchronize other marketing initiatives with their direct mail.

TrackMyMail also turned out to be affordable enough for the company to offer as a free value-added service for all of its clients. Furthermore, the company used TrackMyMail to test transit times from different postal centers, optimizing delivery by choosing the best drop point.

In TrackMyMail, the marketing company found the simple yet powerful tracking solution it needed, and a service that its clients now depend on. With the enhanced timing intelligence provided by TrackMyMail, the company was able to provide clients with shortened delivery times, improved response rates and better control. And, on top of that, it even proved to be an effective tool for attracting new clients.